About the Band 

Larissa Smith comes from a family of musicians, and has been passionate about music and performing since she was very young. She currently resides in Central Maine with her husband, Chuck, and has worked with him in the Smith Collaboration since 2018 as the lead vocalist, keyboard and rhythm guitar player. Larissa is featured on two of Pat Colwell and the Soul Sensations' albums, both available on Spotify and iTunes.

Musical influences include Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Queen, and the Beatles.

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Chris Currie is a bass player currently residing in Central Maine, and he has been playing bass for over 30 years.  His timing, both musically and literally, is always right on.  Chris is dedicated and goal oriented,  his musical projects ranging from metal to the blues.   His Influences include Les Claypool, Mike Gordon, and Jimi Hendrix.  Chris also enjoys the technology of music, especially lighting.  When he isn't playing music he enjoys seeing shows with his wife Tina of 23 years.  They have two adult children who think they're weird and love that about them.

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Chuck is a self taught guitarist who began learning to play at age 11. His older brother had an old twelve string acoustic he was willing to lend and he never put it down again. Chuck has been playing in the local music scene for close to a decade, he was a co-founding member and songwriter of the local Band Zealous Bellus until his departure in early 2018. 

Since 2018 Chuck joined a groovin six piece soul funk band based out of Portland ME, Downeast Soul Coalition.You can catch their live album on Spotify. Currently Chuck continues his musical journey with his wife, Larissa  in The Smith Collaboration.

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Troy House grew up in Gardiner, Maine and is a lifelong Maine resident. He discovered his love of drumming in 1984 and has been playing ever since. Some of his influences include the Dave Matthews Band, Dream Theater, and Iron Maiden. In addition to The Smith Collaboration, Troy has been a member of Dr. Fatfinger, a powerhouse Lewiston based rock band, for several years. During the day, Troy works as a chemist. He has one daughter, Sydney, who lives in Portland.

Photo credit- Dave Grimmel